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Aeros kite school

“Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kiting. How to start?

Many of us was resting on the sea and saw how extreme people on boards and with kites conquer the element of wind and water, take off with ease into the air and after a moment continue to move on the water. It sounds cool, right?) But few people know that there is nothing complicated about it. This young, safety, but extreme, sport (kitesurfing) is available to EVERYONE WHO WANTS!

Nobody managed to get up and go right away, so you have to learn. Himself or with the help of a qualified instructor (trainer)? Cases of injury to beginners are not uncommon, because of the lack of knowledge of elementary safety fundamentals, therefore I recommend that you seek the help of professionals.”

Valentyn Sudak

3 x UKR kite champ

Head instructor  in Aeros-School

Individual kitesurfing lessons

Basic level

Form "zero" to hero. We will teach you ride as fast as possible.

Advanced level

Do you want upgrade your skills? New tricks are easy!

Kite school “AEROS-School” is giving kitesurfing lessons in Ukraine, Egypt and Thailand. Book a lesson and get an instructor with 8 year experience. Just best are teaching here!

Kitesurfing in Egypt

Winter in warm place. Spend active time with us!

Зимний кайтинг

Winter is already here. Grab your skies/snowboards and go with us! Chase wind element in winter!

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Kitesurfing in Ukraine

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Study process

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Our partner in Lazurnoe is Kite academy

If you want to have a kite lesson in Lazunoe, ask this guys!

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